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We, at Khatib group, are committed to high standards of professionalism and quality. We provide integrated, end to end solutions of HVAC & MEP services in Lebanon & MENA region. Established in 1999, Khatib group has expanded to become a partner of choice for many local and regional developers. We work in different sectors providing tailored solutions to meet our client’s requirements, schedule, and budget. With our dynamic team of professional engineers and technicians, we work together with our clients to create a long lasting relationship based on mutual success and benefit.

Value Engineering

HVAC & MEP services

We design and implement mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. As an integral part of every building, we ensure safe and effective realization of systems, integrating environmental friendly solutions to reduce long term effective costs and carbon footprint and operating to the highest level of energy efficiency. Our services include import, retailing, design, installation, maintenance, & consulting.


One of the leading companies in the local market to provide a well-rounded, innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions, as well as various projects delivery related to air-conditioning, ventilation, cooling/heating and humidity control.

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Pioneer in importing, distributing, installing and maintaining air conditioning solutions for all building types; residential, commercial and industrial. We guarantee high quality products, competitive prices and reliable aftersales services.

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We offer a wide range of ductwork & fittings including ceiling boxes, floor boxes, square to round transitions, round & rectangular ducts and much more. Our products are customized to meet the requirements and specifications of each project.

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At Khatib group, we lodge all solutions to meet our clients’ needs starting from design, implementation, installation, to testing & commissioning; We satisfy them by upholding quality and compliance with all related codes. Our clients' needs and requirements are our priority


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